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How much will you superfat your soap? (5% currently selected)
Type the percentage of superfatting you wish to apply in your soap (recommended values: 1-10).
How much water will you put in your soap? (38% currently selected)
Type the ratio (as a percentage) of water to oils in your recipe (recommended values: 33%-38%).
Select your oils and fats (NO oil(s) selected yet)
To add an oil to your recipe, double click on the oil in the list (or click it once and click 'Add this oil' button). Then, type the percentage (or weight) for this oil in the appropriate text box.
Fats & oils
Almond Butter
Almond Oil, sweet
Aloe Butter
Apricot Kernel Oil
Argan Oil
Avocado butter
Avocado Oil
Babassu Oil
Baobab Oil
Borage Oil
Camelina Seed Oil
Canola Oil, rapeseed
Castor Oil
Cocoa Butter
Coconut Oil, 76 deg
Coconut Oil, fractionated
Coffee Bean Oil, roasted
Corn Oil
Cottonseed Oil
Cranberry Seed Oil
Cupuacu Butter
Emu Oil
Evening Primrose Oil
Flax Oil, linseed
Ghee, any bovine
Goose Fat
Grapeseed Oil
Hazelnut Oil
Hemp Oil
Illipe Butter
Jojoba Oil (jojoba wax ester)
Karanja Oil
Kokum Butter
Kpangnan Butter
Kukui nut Oil
Lanolin liquid Wax
Lard, Pig Tallow
Laurel Fruit Oil
Lauric Acid
Linseed Oil, flax
Loofa Seed Oil, Luffa cylinderica
Macadamia Nut Butter
Macadamia Nut Oil
Mango Seed Butter
Mango Seed Oil
Marula Oil
Meadowfoam Oil
Milk Fat, any bovine
Mink Oil
Moringa Oil
Mowrah Butter
Murumuru Butter
Mustard Oil, kachi ghani
Myristic Acid
Neatsfoot Oil
Neem Tree Oil
Oat Oil
Oleic Acid
Olive Oil
Olive Oil pomace
Palm Kernel Oil
Palm Kernel Oil Flakes, hydrogenated
Palm Oil
Palm Stearin
Palmitic Acid
Papaya seed oil, Carica papaya
Passion Fruit Seed Oil
Peach Kernel Oil
Peanut Oil
Perilla Seed Oil
Pistachio Oil
Plum Kernel Oil
Pomegranate Seed Oil
Poppy Seed Oil
Pumpkin Seed Oil virgin
Rabbit Fat
Rapeseed Oil
Red Palm Butter
Rice Bran Oil
Rosehip Oil
Sacha Inchi, Plukenetia volubilis
Safflower Oil
Safflower Oil, high oleic
Sal Butter
Saw Palmetto Extract
Saw Palmetto Oil
Sea Buckthorn Oil, seed
Sea Buckthorn Oil, seed and berry
Sesame Oil
Shea Butter
Shea Oil, fractionated
Soybean Oil
Soybean, 27.5% hydrogenated
Stearic Acid
Sunflower Oil
Sunflower Oil, high oleic
Tallow, Beef
Tallow, Goat
Tallow, Sheep
Tamanu Oil, kamani
Tucuma Seed Butter
Ucuuba Butter
Walnut Oil
Wheat Germ Oil
Yangu, cape chestnut

(no oils selected yet)

Select additional ingredients (herbs, fragrances, etc.) (optional)
To add an ingredient to your recipe, double click on the ingredient in the list (or click it once and click 'Add ingredient' button). Then, type the weight for this ingredient in the appropriate text box.

Aloe Vera
Basil (essential oil)
Basil (herb)
Bergamot (essential oil)
Calendula (herb)
Carrot oil
Cedarwood (essential oil)
Chamomile (essential oil)
Chamomile (herb)
Cinnamon (herb)
Cinnamon Leaf (essential oil)
Citronella (essential oil)
Clary Sage (essential oil)
Clove (herb)
Clove Bud (essential oil)
Coriander (essential oil)
Cypress (essential oil)
Echinacea (herb)
Eucalyptus (essential oil)
Fennel (essential oil)
Geranium (essential oil)
Grapefruit (essential oil)
Grapefruit seed extract
Jasmin absolute (essential oil)
Juniper (essential oil)
Laurel Leaf (essential oil)
Lavender (essential oil)
Lavender (herb)
Lemon (essential oil)
Lemon balm (herb)
Lemongrass (essential oil)
Mandarin (essential oil)
Marjoram (essential oil)
Myrrh (essential oil)
Myrtle (essential oil)
Neroli (essential oil)
Niaouli (essential oil)
Nutmeg (essential oil)
Orange, bitter (essential oil)
Orange, sweet (essential oil)
Palmarosa (essential oil)
Parsley (essential oil)
Patchouli (essential oil)
Pennyroyal (essential oil)
Peppermint (herb)
Pine (essential oil)
Rose (essential oil)
Rosemary (essential oil)
Rosemary (herb)
Rosewood (essential oil)
Sandalwood (essential oil)
Spearmint (herb)
Tea Tree (essential oil)
Thyme (essential oil)
Valerian (essential oil)
Vanilla (essential oil)
Verbena (essential oil)
Walnut leaves
Yarrow (essential oil)
Yarrow (herb)
Ylang (essential oil)
Μarigold (essential oil)

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The fast, easy and reliable way to create soap recipes!